Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trend Micro and Cisco to monitor all the network aware gadgets in your home

Trend Micro and Cisco today announced a partnership service that offers a way to protect all Internet connected gadgets at home. Called the Home Network Defender, the service uses Linksys routers to monitor the security any IP-enabled device connected to the home network.

Already there have been viruses reported in digital picture frames and if these are connected remotely to the home computer network, they could spread infections in the future. Not only that, smartphones, Apple TV, and even Ninetndo Wii could become vectors.

The service includes many familiar tools, including antivirus software, parental controls, Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network, Web threat protection, safe Web surfing and various network activity reports.

Basically it performs as a centralized management consol for all devices attached to the home network. For example if a teenager has an iPhone that is connected to the home network, a parent can using the Home Network Defender system could see a report of the sites that the child has connected to. In turn, the Home Network Defender will also protect the iPhone from any malicious activity.

The Home Network Defender service be launched at the end of January.

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